How do I add and update the credit card information?

Keeping a credit card on file is very important to avoid any service interruptions. Missing to pay for a renewal invoice can happen for various reasons and will lead to your website being down so it is best to be safe than sorry. You can keep one or more credit cards, so that you are sure your payment information is always valid. This covers half of the risk. The other part is to always think in advance and update the credit card information once your details change – new card, change in expiration dates etc.

For your convenience, we will put reminder notifications in your Client area to inform you f we detect the card has expired.

You can add the credit card information from the Client Area and then choosing the Billing Tab -> Payment Methods

Note: When you pay with a credit card, the information will be added automatically. If you do not wish to keep a certain card on file, you can contact us with a request to remove it from our system.

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